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Enhance your ERP, CRM, HR and Engineering systems

Organizations that innovate often find their business system to constrain them. We provide you with expertise in management, technology architecture and business functions. When customizing and personalizing your business system, we provide you various options. We detail the pros and cons of each option and work with you in implementing the best option for you. We stand behind all our work and will support you for as long as you need us.

Integrate your systems internally and externally

Seamlessly integrate disparate systems across disparate networks. If you have a need to integrate business systems, we can provide you with the expertise to minimize any risks. There are many architectures to integrate internal and external systems. We show you the best strategy, the pros and cons to achieve the end results.

If you have a need to seamlessly integrate with special software like Tax software or cloud based solutions, we will show you how these can be achieved with minimum impact to your business systems.

Achieve the uptime shown by companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and others

We have products and services that are hosted in our data center and exposed on the cloud. These systems need near 100% uptime. We have achieved this. Work with us and we will show you how you can achieve near 100% uptime with commodity hardware and software. We bring the same technology stack and expertise that are implemented by market leaders. You will be surprised that these technologies have the potential to also reduce your costs.

Achieve unlimited scalability at costs lower than your current costs

If you are experiencing performance issues. If the advice you have gotten is to add expensive servers and software, you are not alone. In almost all instances, we have been able to recommend alternate solutions that provide dynamic scalability at a fraction of the cost. Talk to us before you are led on an expensive path. The technology landscape has evolved. We bring this knowledge and expertise to you.

Stay current with technology without major upgrades

We help companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars by strategically upgrading the technology stack without modifying business applications. Call us and we will show you how we can save you the cost, eliminate the risks and get you on the latest technology to stay current and compete.

Guaranteed ROI

We provide you the costs and savings before we start the project. We stand behind our word and commitment. We will never have cost overruns. That's our guarantee. We scale from simple programming changes to implementing your solutions on the cloud.