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What we do

Products & Solutions

zipota - Document Life Cycle Management - to manage all your documents

zipota helps you generate documents, deliver, store and retrieve them. zipota can access multiple business systems within your network and through a URL and present a unified view of your data. It helps you communicate in any language giving you the capability to personalize and be sensitive to language, region and culture. zipota is rules based and gives you full control to apply your business rules. There is no need for capital investment. It is a service based model and you pay as you go ... read more

zipota Portal - Auto archive documents for global access

A cloud repository to store and access all your documents. It also provides your partners access to their documents and gives them a framework to create their own Enterprise Content Management repository. Portal reduces partners calls into your customer service. It gives your partners self service tools to find the status of their documents and transactions. This service is FREE for zipota customers ... call or email us for more information.

Shopping cart - to support on-line order fulfillment

Customers have the ability to accept on-line orders and be available 24x7. It fully integrates with your existing ERP system giving you full control on order creation. It minimizes the need for order takers to be available and enter orders. We make it easy for you to justify the expense to get the additional revenue and cut costs. We also offer the option to amortize the costs over 24 months. This helps customers expense the project and justify the expense with revenue increase ... read more

AP Automation

Use zipota to generate POs. Capture and index packing slips and packing lists, invoices, and all AP documents. Electronically route AP Invoice approval to simplify the process.

Electronically match AP Invoices against POs, receiving documents, packing slips / packing lists.

Identify early payment discounts, one-time discounts and get recommendations.

Get a list of Vendor Invoices with discrepancies.

Automatically create AP Invoice transactions in your ERP / Accounting system ... read more

Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps provide you the key information you need on your mobile device. Executive management will never have to say "I will get back to you" or "I do not have the numbers with me." Your Sales personnel, can have access to the information they need to close the deals. Customers define the rules, the transactions, roles and security and we take care of the rest.

Our mobile solutions can access data from disparate systems (ERP, CRM, and others) and present them as unified information ... read more

Enterprise Content Management

Every organization unit has a need to generate, collaborate, archive and retrieve information. Information could include paper documents, electronic documents, audio files, video files, emails and phone communication. All these fall under the Enterprise Content Management domain.

Lobo Technologies provides solutions that automatically generate, archive, link and store contents. Text content in any format is indexed based on business rules to help retrieve documents in a matter of seconds. Our Portal solution integration makes your content accessible from anywhere. In addition, companies have the capability to collaborate with business partners ... call or email us for more information.

Support Services

Companies need support to keep their business systems running efficiently. In addition, globalization demands 24x7 uptime. We understand these requirements and provide critical business systems and technology support to extend your IT staff at a fraction of the cost ... read more


We help our partners identify and use the appropriate technology. We create world class products and solutions using the best technologies. We always stay current and help our customers get more from their investments. More importantly, we fully integrate our technology product and solutions with our customers busniess system. We automate and cut costs ... call or email us for more information.


We provide consulting in personalizing and customizing existing software systems, enhancing business systems and integrating disparate systems. We also provide consulting in business process improvement and automation ... read more


We train your enterprise IT staff. We also provide workshops for Executive Management, whose understanding of technology trends and their impact have become "must have" skills. We empower you with the knowledge to get more from your existing hardware and software investments ... read more