Why document management?

Every organization needs to work with different types of electronic content. These include office documents, graphic documents, engineering drawings, project files and dynamic media like video and music. With the explosion of networking, and in particular the internet, even small organizations can rapidly build a massive collection of such information, often dumped on a shared network drive, or held on an individual's machine, or saved as email attachments.

Without having the means to effectively search these files, the problem is often compounded with needless duplication and failed opportunities through ineffective knowledge sharing.

A great deal of new and forthcoming legislation requires that a full audit trail can be provided for many types of document. These could include a set of accounts for the financial regulator, or a procedural document for the quality inspector.

Partner collaboration and legal requirements have also added a new dimension.

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Document Management Products

There are software solutions that address these issues. A number of these products provide powerful full text (content) or Meta data searches, support collaborative working, and full revision history. Many of these products now offer a multitude of other features such as business process modeling through workflow.

While these products are outstanding applications, well designed and built, they come at a price that is often far too high for most organizations. Additionally most software solutions are proprietary and require knowledge in these proprietary tools to install, manage and use.

Why zipota?

zipota is designed to sense business events and automatically Generate-Deliver-Secure-Store documents without any human intervention. These documents can also be interactively generated. Advanced document creation techniques help in designing and implementing sales reports, purchase orders, invoices, shop floor information, data sheets and any kind of data oriented documents that include specific fonts, colors, images and even barcodes. zipota facilitates instant search, easy and secure access to documents. Rules based Document Generation, Document Enhancements, Document Delivery, Document Storage and User Subscribed Dynamic Notifications are some of the intelligent attributes of zipota.

Lobo Technologies has developed zipota using industry standard architecture and tools. The system is affordable, easy to implement and easy to use. Users can use zipota without having to overcome a steep learning curve.


Moving paper-based information into electronic documents is an increasingly important challenge. Most organizations today need to handle massive volumes of critical information. These are assets developed and updated over a period of time. In order to manage vital documents and streamline workflow, businesses require an effective information management solution that will enable authorized user groups to locate, share, update,

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Features & Benefits
review, store and retrieve documents in the most efficient manner. With electronic document management solution, companies can manage large volumes of documents, optimize workflow, enforce privacy and improve business process efficiency.

zipota, a state-of-the-art document management solution, helps organizations gain control of information by automating processes, reducing replication of content, and ensuring that the right people receive the right documents for faster response and better decision-making. Organizations can streamline manual, paper intensive processes and reduce the use of paper by automating the flow of documents within and outside the organization.

Rules Based Configurable Document Generation

  • zipota allows you to generate or suppress PDF generation. These rules are fully configurable and dynamic.
  • Rules can also be configured to generate or suppress copies.
  • This feature allows you to dynamically generate or suppress document and copy generation based on business policies.

Rules Based Configurable Document Enhancements

  • zipota allows you to generate documents in multiple layouts. The same information can be displayed in multiple layouts based on configured rules.
  • Standard Bar Codes and graphic images can be embedded in documents.
  • zipota supports complete choice of color and fonts in documents including MICR and UTF-8 fonts.
  • Configurable Watermarks can be used to implement business policies and for visual impact.

Rules Based Configurable Document Delivery

  • zipota allows you to deliver documents via email, print, fax.
  • Delivery mechanisms can be configured to meet business requirements.
  • Attachments can also be dynamically delivered.

Rules Based Configurable Document Storage

  • zipota allows you to selectively store documents. Documents are stored in a centralized database.
  • zipota stores documents in configured folders that make accessing the documents easy.
  • Attachments that are to be sent along with the generated documents are also archived. This feature is critical for audit tracking. zipota provides a secure server-based repository for storing all the documents an organization creates or acquires. Once in the system, documents are fully indexed for rapid search and are stored in a secure environment so they can be effectively managed, routed, shared, printed, or delivered electronically.
  • zipota can be configured to store duplicate documents for version control.


Multi-layered access control allows users to retrieve only the documents they are authorized to handle.

Personalized look and feel

zipota provides options for users to personalize their client experience.

Use of open standards

zipota incorporates open standards defined globally. This eliminates the need to learn proprietary tools. It also eliminates the risk of proprietary technologies.

Business Integration

zipota provides standards based APIs to help integrate processes. This enables disparate systems to work in harmony to enable seamless, automated workflow and increase the utility of critical business information.

Going paperless

Electronic archiving contributes in reducing the paper consumption thus offering substantial improvements in business profitability and efficiency.


Internationalization and localization is the process of designing a software application so that it can be adapted to various languages and regions. zipota conforms to this process and exclusively uses Unicode - 4.0 standard so that it easily adapts to the local culture and environment.

Document Status and Notification

With zipota, users can control their document life cycle process through document status checks and better document control features. Users can receive instant notifications through client alerts and emails. All you need to do is subscribe to the events (Request Document, Generate Document, Deliver Document etc.) for which you would like to be notified.

Secure Document Retrieval

zipota facilitates easy access to your documents through its efficient search and retrieval system. This enables quick lookup of essential information discouraging the need to maintain stacks of paper documents and additional personnel to track them. This reduces cost, increases productivity and provides security to your sensitive documents as they can only be retrieved by authorized users.


Platform Independent

zipota can be installed on any platform that can run Java and Oracle. zipota is certified for Windows platform. The business data can be in Oracle, SQL Server or MySQL.

Zero upfront costs

The core product to generate and deliver (email and print) documents is free. The product can be installed on an existing Windows based PC.

Zero Risks

With a satisfied customer base, we strive to increase our base with product quality and customer support. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Go Green, Cut costs, Increase productivity

zipota is a fully automated Document Lifecycle Management solution. It will eliminate the need to manually manage documents. It will help you go green and save document costs.

Automated or Interactive modes

zipota can be integrated into any business system that has data in Oracle, SQL Server or MySQL. This integration provides greater flexibility in the Document Lifecycle process. It can also be used interactively for on-demand requests.

Folder based intuitive document archiving

Documents that are stored in the database can be stored in a logical folder structure for easy access. This improves productivity and customer satisfaction.

Secure retrieval for re-deliver

Users who have the appropriate security access can retrieve documents and re-deliver (email, print, fax) them if required. This also has the option for attachments.

Keyword based instant retrieval

zipota provides a search engine like document retrieval capability. In addition, users can search documents based on keywords within the document.

Document Version Control

zipota can be configured to store duplicate documents based on business requirements. This feature enables businesses to comply with legal requirements.

Globalization Support

Internationalization and localization standards as defined in Unicode 4.0 are implemented in zipota. This enables users to interact with zipota in any language. zipota also provides the capability to generate documents in any language.

Notification: Alerts and emails

zipota is designed to provide notifications at all critical phases in the process. Notifications are based on event outcomes. Users can subscribe to notification events.

Easy to use interface

zipota has a very intuitive user interface. Users who are familiar with Windows based applications will need little to no training in using the interface. The interface can be configured for any language.

Open standards

zipota is designed using open standards. Conforming to open standards facilitates quick learning.

Non-proprietary open architecture

zipota application can be accessed from any computer that has a browser. The zipota client automatically gets updated when required. This eliminates the need for client administration. It also ensures that all clients are using the same version of the tool.

Industry Solutions

Every organization needs to work with different types of electronic content. These include office documents, graphic documents, engineering drawings, project files and dynamic media like video and music. With the explosion of networking, and in particular the internet, even small organizations can rapidly build a massive collection of such information, often dumped on a shared network drive, or held on an individual's machine, or saved as email attachments.

Without having the means to effectively search these files, the problem is often compounded with needless duplication, and failed opportunities through ineffective knowledge sharing. In addition to massive growth in the need to effectively search material, there has also been a massive growth in the need to collaborate on material more efficiently and to keep a full record of what has changed.

A great deal of new and forthcoming legislation requires that companies have the capability to provide a full audit trail of documents and communication.

Banking and Finance

The financial services industry - including banks, insurance companies and investment firms, need to curb overheads, increase process efficiency, cut through geographical barriers, ensure customer satisfaction and optimize on available manpower. To meet industry pressures, investment banks and research firms need to drive down costs. zipota is a comprehensive Document management solution that helps Banks and Financial Institutions store, organize, index and retrieve various types of documents. zipota provides powerful feature that are affordable. zipota enables organizations to securely exchange, manage, process and track their business communications.


Government Agencies around the globe, deal with a plethora of documents on a daily basis. There is also an ever-increasing need and awareness to improve the efficiency of Government Operations and to provide more efficient services to citizens. They are looking to modernize and enhance the value of services they provide to citizens and businesses. A key factor in meeting these imperatives is the transition toward a next-generation digital government. zipota offers powerful solutions, that help Government Agencies achieve this objective. Through a combination of rich functionality and elaborate security, zipota also helps in compliance with statutory obligations and regulations that are of utmost importance to Government Agencies.


Electronic medical record is now being mandated in the US and other countries around the world. Paper based document management systems are expensive, slow and are deterrents to collaboration. In many cases, delay in information sharing has resulted in duplicate laboratory testing and mishaps. zipota enables healthcare organizations to engage in healthcare document management and enjoy quick retrieval of patient charts, signed consent forms, lab results, x-rays, emails, caregiver notes, clinical policies, procedures, and much more.


With rising globalization, the hospitality industry is experiencing a diverse population of customers. Regional, linguistic, cultural, religious and other factors has made it challenging for the hospitality business to customize their offerings. zipota has the ability to dynamically generate documents based on user preferences and business rules. Personalized automation will distinguish hospitality companies.


Legal service providers around the world are looking forward to improve customer service by replacing manual paper processes with a comprehensive document management infrastructure and are seeking efficient methods of storing, searching, and retrieving information from within the numerous documents they are required to keep. The labor and time spent searching, retrieving and managing information is often cumbersome, time consuming and expensive. zipota helps alleviate the headaches associated with information access and management by providing information rapidly and accurately and improve efficiency. In addition to increasing efficiency, the zipota document lifecycle management solution will improve customer access to information.


Manufacturing industries face the challenge of a highly dynamic and interactive business environment. They need to operate more efficiently while reducing costs to succeed in today's economic environment and overcome increasing pressure to improve quality, reduce product lifecycles, enforce standards, comply with regulations and minimize costs.

In response to these business pressures, manufacturers are looking to adopt new technology-based strategies that can assist them in managing the challenges faced in production and distribution. Most of the leading manufacturing companies have been utilizing electronic document management solution as a strategic initiative to stay in the forefront of their industry.

zipota, a document lifecycle management solution, provides manufacturers with a means to reduce costs, respond to changing market environments and customer demands by streamlining the business processes and managing vital documents efficiently. zipota offers the following services to manufacturing companies:

  • Automates business processes thereby enabling organizations to increase efficiency.
  • Enables organizations to provide better service and be more responsive to the demands of customers and business partners.
  • Improves productivity and reduce document costs throughout the manufacturing organization.

Compliance Solutions

Banking, Financial Institutions, Insurance companies or any other listed company can take help from a document management solution such as zipota to achieve compliance with SOX (The Sarbanes-Oxley Act).

What is SOX?

SOX or Sarbanes - Oxley Act of 2002 is titled after its authors Senator Paul Sarbanes and Representative Michael Oxley.

This act came about in response to major corporate accounting scandals wherein prominent American companies took advantage of lack of sufficient regulatory law being in place.

The SOX Act was passed with a purpose of building and restoring public confidence in the financial reports of American corporations.

The landmark law is designed to improve corporate responsibility and accountability, enhance financial reporting and disclosures, and ensure auditor independence. Failure to adhere to the act can result in devastating consequences; in some cases the damage done is irreparable.

Why does SOX require Document Management?

The inevitable need of a Document Management Software is strongly sensed throughout the Sarbanes - Oxley Act.

  • Section 404 of Sarbanes-Oxley emphasizes the importance of documents and records management and assessment.
  • Sections 103, 104 and 801 necessarily require appropriate filing, retention and preservation of audit records.
  • Section 105 requires that these records must also be easily retrievable.

This Act also affects non-listed US companies across the world as businesses are looking to grow globally, both organically and inorganically. When SOX compliant companies decide to go for mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures or even just holding stakes in another company, more and more businesses are increasingly looking at firms that are SOX-ready. This means that all establishments today must have top-notch accounting and reporting processes in place.

How does zipota help in SOX compliance?

SOX or Sarbanes - Oxley Act of 2002 is titled after its authors Senator Paul Sarbanes and Representative Michael Oxley.

Organizations are responsible for SOX compliance and not the vendor. The organization must have the mechanism in place that guarantees safe electronic storage, access and transmission of financial records.

It is the organization not the technology that must be SOX compliant. However, technology can be used to help the organization in its efforts to be SOX compliant.

zipota provides the framework to generate, distribute and store documents. In addition, zipota can automatically link related document for audit trail and better transaction management.

Integration Solutions

Linking together Business Application, CRM, ERP, document management, office productivity and multifunction systems is vital to a healthy business and satisfied customers.

Lobo Technologies provides integrated process automation solutions that enable disparate systems to work in harmony to enable seamless, automated workflow and increase the utility of critical business information.

By integrating zipota with existing business applications, companies can automate the delivery of customer-critical information and further extend the business process efficiencies of their Business Applications while reducing costs and improving response times. This gives a significant positive impact on customer relationships and overall business performance.