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Support Services

If you are a customer, you already know our commitment, quality and care. Economic cycles, global competition and technology obsolescence are realities. In addition, having the right number of IT resources, trained in technologies you use and being available at all times, is also a financial challenge. Fortunately for our customers, we take the responsibility of augmenting IT resources, having people with the required skill set and being available at all times. Our message is simple "You focus on your business and we will support you."

You are covered, always

We provide support services to extend your IT organization at a fraction of the cost. If you compete globally or need to be available beyond normal working hours, look no further. Being available 24 x 7 x 365 is not a luxury, it is a necessity. We understand the demands, the need and your desire to excel. We are vested in your success. That's the only way we will succeed.

We have the skills you need

We have trained people to support your hardware, network, operating systems, databases and your applications. We also have strategic alliances with global companies to support systems across the entire spectrum - from mainframes to embedded systems. With access to a global workforce, all we say is "Go conquer, we will support you."

From complex technologies to helpdesk, we cover it all

  • Network management
  • Database management
  • Security
  • Cloud
  • Network Infrastructure
  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Windows Server
  • Linux
  • Windows end user support
  • Training
  • Mobile Apps
  • Business Intelligence

Flexible engagement - no contracts

We expect the best service, the best quality at a competitive price from our vendors. Our customers (YOU) have every right to expect the same from us. We believe we need to earn your business every single day. We will never chain you into any contract.

For special projects

  1. We provide you with the management expertise, functional and technical personnel to augment your staff. We also provide a full service team to execute your special projects.

To cover for employee

  1. We understand and appreciate employee attrition. These are economic realities. We provide you with the personnel to cover for your employees during such times.

To cover after hours

  1. If you need coverage after hours, we can support you. We have a global workforce that is already supporting global customers.

One company for all your needs

We provide you with products and services that address the needs of your entire organization. We stand behind every product and service we offer. When you get us to help extend your IT, you have one vendor providing end-to-end support and services. In addition, we guarantee we will lower your costs and improve your customer service.