Shopping Cart

Why Shopping Cart?

The e-Commerce market is big and is projected to get bigger over the foreseeable future. Companies that have an internet presence for order fulfillment have made it easier for their customers to place orders 24x7 and from practically everywhere in the world. Most have seen revenues increase and are definitely perceived as a better customer service oriented company.

Online order fulfillment allows companies to personalize the experience while recommending and selling products and services appropriate for the customer. Manual errors and delays in processing orders are factors attributed to poor customer service and higher costs. These situations can be avoided and even eliminated in some cases. When online order fulfillment is implemented correctly, it can provide real-time access and status to your customers. In most cases, it eliminates the need to contact your customer service.

Why Lobo Technologies Shopping Cart?

If your organization needs the capability to provide online order fulfillment to your customers, you have come to the right place. If your company has implemented online order fulfillment and is not satisfied with the features, capabilities, integration and automation, we can help. We have successfully implemented complex custom business rules and fully integrated e-Commerce solutions with existing ERP systems. We guarantee the ROI and to make it easy, we provide you with the option to amortize your expenses over 2 years. Contact us to learn more now. We work with you and help you justify the costs. We want you to capture lost revenues and promote your brand starting right now.

If your customers would benefit from mobile apps for order fulfillment, we can help. We want to service your customers too. This goes with our values of serving our customer's customer. You define your project, the scope, features and functionality and we will provide you with the people, technology and industry best practices.


Integrated with your ERP system - create Orders

We give you the control you need to approve the orders before they are committed to your ERP system. We can also create orders in real-time and notify the appropriate personnel when orders are created.

Alternately, we create the orders in holding tables until they are reviewed, approved and accepted based on your company policies. After approval, we create the orders in your ERP system.

Ability to control access - administrators control who can place orders

If you need to control access by Sales reps, dealers, distributors, we provide you with secure features that will validate logins and passwords.

Accept Credit Cards

We provide you with the capability to accept credit cards securely using SSL. These could be globally accepted or you could limit the feature by customer.

Recognize and honor all your ERP rules that include:

Customer specific pricing and discounts: If you maintain customer specific pricing and discounts, these will be displayed to the logged-in user.

Validation against the Inventory system for real-time firm commitments: If your company policy requires inventory to be committed after an order is created, we can honor the business rule.

Available to Promise (ATP): Based on the logins, we can allow the user to automatically query the inventory status and get a date for ATP. Alternately, you can provide this feature to all your users.

Customer Credit limits: The Shopping Cart will honor customer credit limits.

Accepting Purchase Orders from specific customers: If you accept Purchase Orders from specific customers, these will also be allowed within the Shopping Cart.

Tax calculations: This can be a challenge based on your industry. We have interfaced Shopping Cart with Vertex, Avalara and several other custom solutions. We also honor tax exemptions and if required, validate tax exempt certificates.

Customer specific shippers: Some customers have their own shippers while others like to use their own account numbers. We honor both these scenarios.

Create message boards for customers

If you have custom messages for users, these can be communicated after login. These could be promotions, sales events or even something related to their account.

Warranty information

When customers subscribe to product warranty, they can be reminded the next time they log in to extend their product warranty. You can also periodically query the warranty data and communicate with your customers to extend their product warranty.

Create promotions and sales

Creating promotions and sales can also be designed in the Shopping cart. This gives you the capability to create any kind of promotion. Here are a few examples: "Buy 1 Get 1 free" for specific items from Jan 1, 2013 to Jan 31, 2013. "10% discount on the entire order" for today.

These promotions and sales can be date, product and customer specific. You decide the rules and implement them.

Ability to keep history of orders and retrieve them for fast order entry

Customers would like to see their order history, packing slips, invoices received and payments made. These are available through our document lifecycle management product zipota and Portal service. If you have a need to let customers copy their previous orders and make appropriate changes, we can enable the feature.

Up-sell and cross-sell

If you have the need to be able to recommend an alternate product or an upgrade you can configure the rules and we can enable it on the Shopping Cart. You can also recommend related products. Consumers are accustomed to seeing such recommendations on B2C sites. We bring these capabilities to B2B selling.

Save for ordering later:

We automatically save items in the Shopping Cart so customers can come back later and continue where they left off.


Capture untapped revenue

Companies across all industries are facing local and global competition. Marketing products and services on the web has become a necessity. Companies that make it easy for customers to buy on the web are luring customers away from competitors. We make is easy for customers to place orders and monitor the status real-time without having to contact customer service. This has resulted in additional revenues for our customers.


We give you the capability to promote your company, your products and services via your Shopping Cart. We design and implement the site based on your marketing requirements. We also give your customers a world class experience that helps promote your brand.

Integrated solution for one view of data

If you have multiple business systems like ERP, CRM, Warranty, Service and Repairs, we can seamlessly integrate the data and present it on the Shopping Cart.

Real-time communications

We can provide real-time updates to your customers. These include Work Order creation, Work Order completion, Inventory transfer, Pick, Pack and Ship functions. You decide on the granularity and we make it happen. Further more, we can personalize the granularity by products, price, customer or any other rule that you may want to configure and implement. Communications can be a combination of emails, text messages and documents. These can all be archived on the zipota Portal for a world class customer service experience.

Update your ERP data dynamically

Customers can edit their organization's information, including, shipping, billing and contact information. You have the option to update your ERP records without any need for manual entry.


zipota for professional documents

Our Shopping Cart product will help you provide a very high level of service to your customers. It will help in branding, cost savings and generating additional revenues. The other advantages you get is generating documents that are professional looking and meaningful. Imagine communicating with your South American customers in Spanish or your Chinese customers in Mandarin. The possibilities are endless. Imagine generating documents that are sensitive to locales, regions and culture. All these can be configured and triggered dynamically using the zipota engine behind the scenes ... read more

zipota Portal for communication and collaboration.

Order processing stages like Pick, Pack, Ship, Shipper's tracking number can be communicated to the customer via the Portal. Portal keeps track of all the communication and links documents. As the name suggests, it is a repository of all documents and all communications that are logically linked. Portal service is FREE for zipota customers