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For Engineering

Engineering systems by their very nature are separate from ERP and other business systems. There is always a need to integrate some aspects of the engineering system data with the business systems. In many cases, there is also a need to synchronize data periodically. Engineers know better than most people that these business integration and synchronization procedures are always tricky and can cause major supply chain and operation headaches.

Global companies also have their Engineering groups spread across the globe with systems in different networks. These can add to manual efforts, cause errors, inefficiencies and add costs.

Integrate with ERP Systems for Document Generation and Management

zipota can access information from multiple databases and from multiple business systems. These business systems can be on separate networks. This feature alone eliminates the need for business data integration and synchronization. It can convert independent silos of data and transparently integrate it at run-time based on business rule ... read more

zipota Portal

When communicating with colleagues and business partners, especially on projects that have multiple documents and a need for workflow, email falls short. zipota Portal gives you the capability and the tool to communicate, collaborate and share.