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For HR, Legal, Finance & Accounting

Legal requirements and internal business policies are a few key reasons to archive documents. In addition, enterprises face the challenge of restricting access to these documents to the appropriate personnel.

If your organization archives paper documents, you already experience the inefficiency and frustrations of finding these documents in a timely manner. There are also added costs for storage with negative impacts on the environment.

Our Portal solution gives organizations the capability to store all their documents in digital formats, accessible from anywhere, including mobile devices. In addition, these documents can also be dynamically indexed and searched using simple words or phrases. All these features will honor organization security.

AP Invoice Automation

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zipota - go paperless

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Secure storage of documents

We all have a need to archive documents and keep them secure. Portal enables organizations to securely store documents and restrict access to unauthorized users. There are multiple levels of security that can be customized per folder and document.