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For Operations

Operational excellence across all functions is no longer a luxury, it is a must for every Business. Documenting processes and workflow is vital toward a seamless and smooth operation. zipota enables the creation of the relevant documents, and also ensures these documents are fully actionable.

Manufacturing companies can create an engineering document and make it available instantaneously, in multiple languages, to authorized personnel in divisions and regions around the globe. zipota can dynamically pull information from multiple systems, including external systems and assimilate the information on one document. Information can include texts, images in any standard file format and bar codes.

Our Customers have always experienced significant rise in efficiency and increased cost savings after installing zipota.

zipota - go paperless

If you have procedures, processes, routing steps or similar documentation needs, you probably have experienced situations where an older version of the paper document is being referenced. This can cause some serious damage to quality, safety and can also incur additional costs to rectify the problem. zipota eliminates the need to print and always gives you access to the latest documents based on your business requirements and rules ... read more

zipota Portal

Storage, collaboration, security, ease of accessibility are a few hallmarks of the Portal solution.