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For Supply Chain

In a highly commoditized world, reducing supply chain costs, could enable your Organization to gain an unfair competitive advantage. zipota creates and manages relevant document that enable your Organization to increase efficiency in the supply chain.

zipota - partner communication

Creation and management of relevant documents in your supply chain process will reduce errors and eliminate miscommunication during work flow ... read more

zipota Portal

zipota portal brings together data from different functions across several entities and ensures the continuous optimization of your supply chain.

AP Invoicing - 3 way match

zipota can match documents per your rules. Lower level parts can be matched to BOMs to eliminate stoppage and cycle times ... read more

Reduce support calls

We ensure your documents are created correctly, managed throughout their lifecycle, and archived in an easily accessible format. This reduces support costs significantly.

Mobile apps

zipota mobile apps enables access to data anywhere, anytime by authorized partners. Real time data access and updates to your mobile devices increase efficiency significantly by correcting errors early ... read more