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For Information Technology

With a rapidly changing technology landscape, it is always a challenge to keep systems humming and integrated at all times. If that isn't a full time job, IT personnel are expected to stay abreast with technology, make recommendations to the business, upgrade systems with minimal to zero downtime.

If you are a global company, you appreciate the need for 24x7 support, on-line backups and 24x7 support for your internal business users and external collaboration partners. We help you extend your bandwidth at a fraction of the cost.

Secure and Robust software

zipota is a highly scalable, robust and secure software that has proven itself multiple times, at several customers, over several years. When we talk about zipota, we talk about all the features, controls and how it helps businesses. Security, robustness, scalability are attributes that are an integral part of zipota and all our products and services. By implementing zipota, you will address your business need for electronic document management without having to manage the system ... read more

Maximizing Human Capital

A knowledgeable workforce can add a lot to efficiency. In addition, they can recognize opportunities and solve problems without incurring additional costs. We provide you with pre-configured and customized training for your IT personnel.

Understanding technology is no longer an IT responsibility. It has become a "must have" skill set for executive management as well. With all our training courses, we provide a complimentary working lunch session of "Technology Trends" for executive management. The sessions focus on cutting edge technologies and how they can be implemented internally ... read more

Support Services

We provide support services for your database and ERP systems. We extend your IT capabilities by being available 24x7 ... read more


We provide help in upgrading your ERP, CRM, Supply Chain software. We can also help you customize your business software ... read more

Mobile apps

We extend the services organizations provide to their internal employees and partners by making key pieces of information accessible from mobile devices ... read more