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For Marketing, Sales & Customer Service

zipota handles your Global document communications and acts as your brand ambassador.

Zipota Portal solution empowers your Sales and Marketing Organizations to make relevant information available instantaneously across the globe.

Reduce administrative functions of your Sales Organization by >50% and focus on increasing sales. Ensure documents needed to comply with Robinson-Patman Act and SOX (Sarbanes Oxley) laws are created and managed properly.

Customer service departments can be optimized by reducing support calls and sharing data with relevant partners.

Shopping Cart

Increase sales and improve order fulfillment with Lobo Technologie's shopping cart fully integrated with your system ... read more

Mobile Access to data

Access all relevant customer data (order, shipments, invoices etc) anytime, anywhere. Provide instant updates to your customers while on the road ... read more


ROI within 6-9 months. zipota relieves Sales Reps from the burden of administrative functions, and allows them to focus on increasing sales.

zipota for global communication

Go global by embracing local diversities with multi lingual documents, displaying cultural and regional sensitivities ... read more

zipota for branding

Every aspect of an Organization's customer interaction affects their brand. zipota eliminates errors, reduces administrative work, increases effectiveness of marketing materials and empowers your employees and associates to better understand and serve your customers ... read more

zipota Portal for collaboration and sharing

Enable instant communication and sharing of key information with the zipota portal. Gain an unfair advantage over your competitors.